Fall Break Mission Trip


Fall Break 2014

TBA - typically disaster relief




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Summer 2014 Missions

There are many opportunities for student missions within the USA and also overseas lasting from 1-2 weeks or for the entire summer.


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GO:Summer Missions video!



Bob Hall @ rhall9@utk.edu





Spring Break Mission Trip


Spring Break 2014

McAllen, TX

March 15-22, 2014 (Completed!)



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How do I get involved?

Jump in! Just do it!

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Samm Hawes sammhawes@gmail.com




Local Missions



Various local opportunities for ministry just minutes from campus! Western Heights Baptist Center, Montgomery Village Baptist Center, and The Lighthouse at Austin Homes.


Reach out and minister to others in our community!


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Elizabeth Cantrell ecantre5@utk.edu




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