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There are a lot of ways to get connected at the BCM. Just drop by anytime and say hello. Someone is always here and we will be happy to show you around. Of course you can also just email us at
(see building hours)


Are you a Freshman? Join us each Monday evening during the fall semester for "Connection" at 7pm, the group specifically for new students. This is a great time to make great friends, study the Word, laugh, and hang out.


There are many ways to stay connected through Social Media. Sign up for our weekly e-newsletter, join the Facebook group "UTK BCM", and follow us on Twitter (UTKBCM).


Learn what other students are saying about the BCM.


Get connected with a local church whild you are in college —there are lots to choose from. Find a church that has the potential to be your church home for the next four years. Find a place where spiritual growth can occur during college.

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